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Eurofoods will be launching a TV ad campaign on Sky television from tonight October 4th 2012 through to the 30th. The newly created advert features the top quality tomato paste being applied to various dishes in a glossy 15 second commercial.

The campaign is in conjunction with a fantastic wholesale offer which gives customers the chance to sample the delicious tomato paste at a fantastic price of 3 large 4.5kg tins of the paste for only £16.99. The paste is already available in many retail outlets across the country and also to be found in Masala Bazaar stores which are owned by Eurofoods. Tomato paste can be used in a variety of sauces and dishes, such as chillies, pizzas, stews and spaghetti. The company hope that once used their customers will remain faithful to the brand, as it offers a high level of consistency, quality, taste and colour. Purchasing the larger tins of pastes proves to be a huge cost saving for businesses in the catering industry. Many of Eurofoods’ customers already buy the tomato paste on a regular basis and have not changed brand for years. The paste is a puree of fresh tomatoes that are preserved and canned.

October Special Offer The advert will be aired on Channel S (Sky 814) and Channel NTV (Sky 852) at the following times:



To order your wholesale tomato paste please contact our sales office on 01633636000 or email sales@eurofoods.co.uk.

Retail customers can find the tomato paste at their local Masala Bazaar stores throughout the country.