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Following on from Eurofoods’ T20 win in Newport in September the company are aiming to increase the size of the competition next year to 20 teams. Invitations to participate in the tournament and to sponsor the tournament are now being issued. If you think your company or team has what it takes to rip the cup out of the Eurofoods trophy cabinet then apply for your place in next years competition. The tournament will start in July with the final being held in Newport at the Newport Cricket Club ground. As well as the winner’s trophy their will be prize money and other awards available for participants and competition winners. We’ll be releasing full details of the tournament, rules and regulations in November along with finalized entrance fee amount, that will be required to join in.

Four teams competed in this years tournament with Eurofoods winning against MCC . The cup now stands proudly in Eurofoods reception.

Eurofoods : Winners of T20 EFG Cup

T20 is a limited overs game of cricket, which is fast paced and great fun to watch. The T stands for twenty. Each side bowl 20 overs at their opponents, trying to take as many wickets as possible, whilst the batting side try to hit as many runs as possible. All makes for a speedy spectacle that has seen cricket grounds across the country experiencing full houses, party atmospheres and entertainment on and off the field. The game usually lasts around 2 hours and a few games can be played in one evening.

If you would like to express your interest in taking part or sponsoring the event then please get in touch with Mas or Shamim from Eurofoods, who can be contacted at cricket@eurofoods.co.uk or call them on  01633636000.