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Eurofoods are delighted to announce their partnership deal with food retailer Sainsburys. Eurofoods, based in Newport, Gwent, are currently seeing an upturn in demand for their predominantly Asian foods and this comes as more good news for them this year, after securing another deal with the giant high street supermarket chain Tesco. It is yet another feather in the cap of Managing Director Shelim Hussain MBE, having started the business from scratch, the hard work is finally paying off for the Newport based businessman. In a fantastic new deal for both companies, Eurofoods will be supplying thirteen exciting new lines to one of the UK’s most poplar supermarkets. The Eurofoods/Sainsburys deal focuses on the frozen food sector including products such as parathas, spring rolls, fish and vegetables, allowing the general public the chance to sample a taste of Asia as an alternative to the Great British menu. Sainsburys pride themselves on selling only the best quality produce and that’s why we’re delighted they’ve decided to stock our products. Crown Farms is the flagship brand at Eurofoods, combining great tastes, great ideas and great prices. Working with such a dominant name in the industry gives further backing to Eurofoods’ impressive profile, they are a supplier that can meet deadlines, can meet expectations and are very efficient. The new deal means that a great new taste can be acquired by Britain’s idea seeking, food loving population. A winner of 9 of the Super Meat and Fish awards in 2011, we hope we can help Sainsburys achieve more success in the following years with our range of products. Eurofoods knack of creating innovative food ideas is highlighted by Sainsburys’ decision to take on such items as the garlic and ginger cubes. Known as lazy foods, these products come frozen, ready prepared – no peeling, no slicing, no dicing, just defrost and cook! In the fish and seafood counters you will be able to find our super sized, succulent prawns and get a taste of Bangladesh cuisine with some of the country’s favourite fish basa and tilapia. Probably new to your ears and definitely new to your taste buds, these two lines of Eurofoods’ fish are two of their most popular varieties.

Listed below are the thirteen lines that Sainsburys will be stocking in a store near you very shortly. As the Sainsburys motto says ‘Try Something New Today’.

23PP    Crown Farms Plain Paratha Family Pack

Crown Farms Plain Paratha Family Pack
23PP12    Crown Farms Plain Paratha

Crown Farms Plain Paratha
23SP Crown Farms Spring Roll Pastry 10″    Crown Farms Spring Roll Pastry

16OR  Crown Farms Okra Rings  Crown Farms Okra Rings
20CG Crown Farms Crushed Garlic Cubes

Crown Farms Crushed Garlic Cubes
20GCP Crown Farms Crushed Ginger cubesCrown Farms Crushed Ginger cubes16SC    Crown Farms Shredded Coconut

Crown Farms Shredded Coconut12BF5   Crown Farms White Basa Fillet (Pangasius)Crown Farms White Basa Fillet (Pangasius)12TF  Crown Farms Tilapia Fillets

Crown Farms Tilapia Fillets11IQ8    Masala FW King Prawns 8-12 pcs/LB

Masala FW King Prawns 8-12 pcs/LB25MS Al-Rohim Meat Somosa 10 Pcs    Al-Rohim Meat Somosa 10 Pcs16SPL  Crown Farms Surti Papdi Liva  Crown Farms Surti Papdi Liva16TL  Crown Farms Tuvar Lilva

Tuvar Lilva Exotic Pea Pigeon

All enquiries about our products should be made to sales@eurofoods.co.uk. Eurofoods are one of the leading food and drink suppliers in the UK with offices and outlets all around the world.