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The sun has finally made its appearance and here at Masala Bazaar we’re celebrating the start of the summer with our fantastic Barbecue Bonanza Food deals. It’s time to get the barbecue from out of its cover and stoke up the fire. Masala Bazaar’s charcoal briquettes are just the job for keeping that fire hot during the day and night. Haven’t got a real barbecue, or a huge garden space – no problem, help is at hand as we also have ready made barbecue trays that are ideal for an instant feast. Our barbecue trays need only to be lit and you have a ready made barbecue that will last for hours.

Masala Bazaar Chicken Range For A Barbecue Summer

The weekend is set to hit record temperatures and we should be seeing the warmest days of the year so far. Put the drinks on ice and turn up the music it’s time for summer! With the barbecue lit it’s time to add some of our favourite holiday food. Our stores will be offering some amazing barbecue deals over the next few weeks. In all stores for a limited time only, we have a chicken bonanza. All our chicken range is certified halal and frozen at maximum freshness. We’ve slashed the prices of your barbecue food so you can get out and enjoy the sun and have a delicious in house food festival as well. The smell of flowers blooming, cut grass, splashing of the paddling pool, sombreros and siestas are all what makes the British summer great. As we don’t get great summers any more, then all the more reason why we’re making a special effort, over the next few weeks. Make the most of it! Our quality chicken range is waiting for you to take away. Ideal sized chicken wings, nuggets and niblets are just some of the fantastic barbecue ideas we have at Masala Bazaar. Stock up your freezer and be assured of the finest chicken at the best price.

Light up the charcoal, turn up the heat, cook the chicken!

Our frozen meat section offers a huge variety of meats and other food from around the world. We also have all your favourite side salad fruit and vegetables available, soft drinks, cooking utensils, snacks, breads and more. Our drumsticks, nuggets, wings, niblets, cubes and more are all on special offer for the following burning few weeks. Remember your suntan oil and sunglasses and get down to Masala Bazaar and Explore A World Of Taste.

All Stores Are Now Offering Our Barbecue chicken range including:


£ 3.99 PER/KG



£4.99 PER/KG



£3.99 PER/KG



£ 2.99 PER/KG


All Offers are subject to terms and conditions, while stocks last.

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