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Ever get the feeling you just can’t be bothered to peel the vegetables, crush the garlic, shelling the peas? Well here’s a list of our top 10 laziest food products! Eurofoods are always leading the way in developing simple solutions to age-old (and annoying) problems. If you’re one of those people who really can’t be bothered slicing and dicing after a hard day at work try these lazy everyday ingredients! All goods are frozen at maximum freshness, so when you take them from the packet ready for use, you can be assured it will be just like they’ve just been picked! For restaurants, hotels and caterers alike, speed and time is essential, serving customers and keeping them happy is why we have developed the answers to many chefs’ problems. Why spend half your day peeling skin off garlic cloves and mixing it with something else when you can have it already made up for you?

10) 16KL Crown Farms Kachur Lati Clean (Taro of Stolen) 400g

Crown Farms Kachur Lati

9) 16LS Crown Farms Sylhety Spinach (Lal Shak) 400g

Sylhety Spinach

8) 18CF Crown Farms Cauliflower Florets 908g

Cauliflower Florets

7) 20GC Crown Farms Garlic Cloves IQF Peeled 400g

Garlic Cloves

6) 20CCGG Crown Farms Ginger & Garlic & Chilli Puree

Ginger & Garlic & Chilli Puree

5) 18SPCF Crown Farms Leaf Spinach Block 2.5kg  

Leaf Spinach

4) 16OR Crown Farms Okra Rings Cut 400g

Okra Rings Cut

3)  16TD Crown Farms Tindora Cut 312g


2) 18MV Crown Farms Frozen Vegetable Mix 908g

Vegetable Mix

1)  18P Crown Farms Frozen Green Peas 908g

Green Peas

Eurofoods supply wholesale vegetables to thousands of customers. You can also find them also in Masala Bazaar Ethnic Food Specialist stores across the country.