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A longer lasting cream with a luscious creamy consistency, that’s what wholesale ethnic food producer and distributor Eurofoods are pleased to be bringing to your business. A new plush advert is being released for television in both English and Indian languages. Crown Farms UHT Single Cream 1L cartons; contain all the natural taste of cream with the added bonus of a huge shelf life. The brightly coloured cartons are a real eye catcher for your shelves, handy sized and amazing value. The cream has all the goodness of milk products; the protein, carbohydrates, calcium and is both Halal certified and free from genetic modification.

Crown Farms Single UHT Cream 1L carton Eurofoods Wholesale

Topping off a desert or making a cup of coffee will now taste even better. A grand finishing touch, for deserts such as apple pie, strawberries, pears, the UHT 1L cream can enhance plenty of dishes. The beauty of single cream is the fact it does have so many uses. A thicker product that natural milk, the cream can be used for making an array of great tasting dishes. Creamy soups, cakes baking, cocktails, sweets, sauces are just a few of the many concoctions that can benefit form a deliciously tasting long-lasting single cream.

Crown Farms Single UHT Cream 1L carton Eurofoods Wholesale

Crown Farms single cream is the chef’s favourite choice. Competitive on price and quality, why compromise with any other brand ?

Crown Farms Single UHT Cream 1L carton Eurofoods Wholesale

The production line is working hard to keep up with the demand of UHT Milk

Wholesale Single Cream can be bought from Eurofoods.co.uk

Retail uht cream can be purchased from your local Masala Bazaar or nearest stockist.