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Eurofoods’ employee James Davies has taken part and completed the London Marathon, raising a staggering £3000 for the charity Children With Cancer In The UK.


 Shelim Hussain MBE congratulates James Davies on his mammoth effort.

On the 21st  of April 2012, James arrived in London for the 26 mile marathon in which another 37000 people competed. Setting off just after 9.45am on a dry but cloudy morning James looked positive about his day. The IT manager of Food Wholesaler Eurofoods usually spends his day in the office from the comfort of his chair, overseeing and planning the IT facility at the Newport Company’s head quarters. James has been preparing for the London Marathon for quite some time; playing rugby on the weekends for Cardiff CIAC’s and taking part in the Cardiff and Llanelli Half marathons, as well as a hideously torturous training run through the hills and mountains of the Llanbedr to Blaenafon race. With over 400 miles of training in the bank, surely the London Marathon was a piece of cake!

Of course the first few miles were on the easier side but inevitably as time goes by and the legs start to ache, James just had to keep on pounding those streets of Greenwich, reminding himself that all the pain was for the Children with cancer UK charity. Another charity that solely relies on donations, with no government funding, the charity determine the causes, find cures and provide care for children with cancer.

They fund life-saving research into the causes, prevention and treatment of childhood leukaemia and other childhood cancers, and work to protect young lives.

Raising over £3000 for charity is a great achievement and Eurofoods, Masala Bazaar and CaterersDepot.com were very keen to take up sponsorship of the running shirt pictured above. The pledges from the three companies totalled over £700 and will be a welcome gift to the charity.

The amount of Money Eurofoods Group staff donated totalled just over £500 making the groups donation over £1200. James would also like to thank his other co-sponsors of the shirt: T.J.Phillips Metal Fabricator, Horizon Digital Media, Bluestone Holiday Village, FDSystems

Having set an almost record pace at the beginning, from mile 18 James got to know all about the legendary London Marathon’s ‘Wall’. Not a brick wall but a wall of physical and mental pain, and for some people a wall that cannot be defeated. With major cramps setting in the pace slowed down towards the 35 kilometre mark, but with only a few more miles left James would not be defeated. Using the crowd and other runners as support, along with the charity cause in his mind, he made it to the finish in an admirable time of 4:44:03!

Eurofoods would like to congratulate James for all his effort and of course for the amount raised for the charity. James would also like to give special thanks to all the staff at Eurofoods who donated to the cause. Also special thanks go to his training partner Matt Kempson, friends and family and of course fiancé Mel and Mum for all the support!

Eurofoods would like to express their condolences to the family and friends of Claire Squires who sadly died participating in the London Marathon.

It’s not too late to donate, even though the marathon has finished you can still go to the specially set up webpage http://www.justgiving.com/james-davies-2012please.