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In the Eurofoods’ yearly romantic tradition, we bring you a meal for you and your partner to swoon over! Portioned unsurprisingly for two people, try something different for Valentines Day, that’s February the 14th if you’ve been living on another planet. With a lovely warm red look and a spicy appeal it’s sure to taste great and hot up your evening. Complimented by a delicious sauce and a dollop of rice, we think this can’t fail to impress. As prawns are considered, in some quarters, a mild aphrodisiac, we can’t promise love but can promise a great feast!

Ingredients (Serves 2)

1 large onion, finely diced (Our Product Code 19ON5)
Oil, 1-2 Tblsps
1 Tsp Turmeric (Our Product Code 43HP01)
2 Garlic Cloves, Crushed (Our Product Code 21GAR)
2cm Piece of Ginger, Grated (Our Product Code 21GI)
1 Fresh Green Chilli, Sliced Finely (Our Product Code 21GC)
Tin of chopped tomatoes (Our Product Code 51CTS)
200g Crown Farms King Prawns, Peeled and deveined (Our Product Code 10VPD26 )
Bunch of Coriander (Our Product Code 21FC)
Natural Yoghurt (Our Product Code 29Y)
Tilda Basmati Rice (Our Product Code 36T5)

Topped off with Star Anise (Our Product Code 42SAS01)


  1. Add the oil to a hot wok/frying pan, then add the onions.
  2. Fry gently for 6-7 mins until soft and translucent, then add the garlic, chilli, ginger and turmeric and cook for a further 5 mins, until you get a fairly dry, rough paste texture.
  3. Add the tin of chopped tomatoes and simmer for 10 minutes.
  4. Add a splash of water if you need to.
  5. Stir in the prawns, and cook until they curl and turn pink.
  6. Serve with fragranced Basmati Rice and naan bread, topped off with a little natural yoghurt and chopped coriander.

Serving Suggestion:

We’ve added our own basmati rice and a small portion of yoghurt to cool those taste buds. We would also suggest serving with naan breads or something similar.

Where To Buy Ingredients for your Spicy Indian Marinated Chicken

Most of the ingredients for your Valentines Day King Prawns Healthy Curry recipe can be bought at one of our Masala Bazaar stores, or wholesale from Eurofoods. Click on the appropriate links in the recipe to find out more about the products used.

Prep Time 10 mins

Cook Time 20-30 mins

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