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Thought you may like to revisit a guide to Exotic Vegetables that was published in print but never on the website. So, if you’re looking for something exotic and unusual then please read through our helpful guide to some of the Eurofoods Exotic Vegetable range.

Exotic Vegetables
Nearly 100 different types of fruit and vegetable are grown in Bangladesh consisting of both local and exotic species. The major winter vegetables include: hyacinth bean and gourd; whilst major summer vegetables include bitter gourd, okra and Indian spinach amongst others. Some vegetables like okra, and red amaranth are found to grow in both seasons. Eurofoods import the following selection into the UK.

Wholesale Okra From EurofoodsOkra
Okra is cultivated in tropical and warm temperate climates. The edible pods contain a sticky, mucilaginous juice and are often used in soups (gumbo), stews and casseroles. In some countries the leaves are substituted for coffee and in some countries of the East the leaves and fruit are used to relieve pain.

Wholesale Danta Dante AmaranthAmaranth Danta
Edible Amaranth grows well in warm climates. This fast growing vegetable can be harvested 30 days after sowing. Edible young leaves and stems are cooked like spinach. Soft texture and tender leaves are excellent for stir fry’s and soups. Amaranth is the most popular leafy vegetable f the Kerala Province of India.

Wholesale Exotic vegetables fom EurofoodsUree Clean or Hyacinth Bean
There are many varieties of Uree Clean or Hyacinth Bean each having a distinctive, coloured flower or leaf. The plants thrive in warm climates and are often grown along trellis and fences in the Orient. The Bean pods are thin and slightly curved and should be harvested when young, however as they are SO fast growing it is sometimes necessary to harvest the young PO every day. Uree Clean is also used in Chinese medicine relieve water retention and stomach upsets.

Karela (Bitter Gourd)
This is a typical variety of Indian Bitter Gourd and is very popular for Indian cuisines. A unique appearance, it has teeth like growths on the fruit’s skin. This variety produces long green,
skin fruits, 8-12 inches in length and about 1/4 Lb in weight.
The plant grows vigorously in warm climates and bears fruit for long periods.

Wholesale Exotic Fruits from EurofoodsShatkara
Pungent citrus aromas with a sour lime like taste this Bangladesh grown fruit is light yellow in colour and is often used instead of lime in chicken style curry dishes to add zest.

Wholesale exotic fruit EurofoodsJack Fruit Seeds
Jack Fruit is a tropical fruit originating in India which grows on the branches and trunks of trees. The seeds are edible and nutritious and can be prepared in several ways e.g. seeds are boiled for 5 minutes and then roasted in a heavy frying pan with a little oil similar results can be achieved if they are cooked in a microwave oven on a low setting and enclosed in a bag, as they tend to “explode”. However the seeds are best roasted on hot coals or chopped in a stew.

Kachur Lati And Kachur Mukhi (Eddoes)

Eddoes are a variety of Taro, member of the Arum/Aroid Family, and are native to India and Southeast Asia. The edible part is an enlarged root which is purported to have a medicinal value. One improved variety of Pani Kachu called Latiraj is primarily cultivated for its’ stolons (roots). The corms (bulbs) of good quality arum are rich in starch, and like potatoes, can be boiled baked roasted or fried in oils. From the flesh flour similar to that of potato can be produced for soups, biscuits, bread, beverages and pudding.

So there’s a few suggestions for you, so we don’t have to stick to our cabbage, cauliflowers and sprouts all the time, Enjoy.

A huge range of inspiring and unusual products are available through Eurofoods Group Ltd or through our chain of  Exotic Vegetable Stores – Masala Bazaar.