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Crown Farms Award Winning Roti Paratha

Did you know that the Crown Farms’ Paratha won the ”Highly Commended’ award hosted by The Grocer online magazine in 2009? That’s probably why Asda took the product from Eurofoods to stock on their shelves. At the time of this post, Asda currently sell the unleavened bread for 77p per pack – now that’s a deal.  Used in a variety of ways, parathas  usually have vegetables stuffed into them and can have butter, chutney or other pickles spread on top making a delicious accompaniment to a main course such as a curry dish. With 5 in every box, there’s more than enough for a meal time treat for all the family. Like all Eurofoods products, you’ll get pure quality,delicious tastes and value for money. All items can be bought wholesale and for food service.

Crown Farms Paratha contains  Wheat Flour , Water , Vegetable Margarine , Sugar , Salt , Baking Powder.

For customers of Asda you can keep a check on the price and availability here:  www.mysupermarket.co.uk. If you are located near a Masala Bazaar then you can find them stocked there also.

For Wholesale Asian Bread and Food Service Customers please check out our prices at Eurofoods Group Food Service website.