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A commonly asked question – What is Food Service?  Well, we more than anyone appreciate that most restaurants are very busy places, that’s why Eurofoods’ UK Food Service aims to lessen your stress levels, free up some time and provide you with first class food products and service. With one thing less to worry about you’ll have one more job you can get on with. Incorporating excellent delivery, scheduling, order fulfillment, and a whole fleet of vehicles you can be sure Eurofoods aim to deliver on time, every time. The ‘food service’ phrase is exactly what it says on the tin, as we serve you as our customer, helping you in turn to serve yours. With a product range that is forever increasing and evolving, we try to give you the widest choice of ethnic, Indian and Bangladeshi foods that you are likely to find in the UK. We don’t stop there however as the company also offers its own cooking utensils, condiments, drinks, toiletries and cleaning solutions. Download or request a catalogue and find everything you’re looking for. We can cover for restaurants; take aways, market stalls, catering companies and local stores as well as the major supermarkets. Our logistical delivery service offers you fresh produce in your area at least once a week – and London up to four times a week! You’ll never be short on your catering supplies as we can probably take your order one day and deliver it to you the next. By expanding our networks of Cash and Carry and distribution outlets across the county, we are able to supply you whether you’re in the north, east, south or west of the country! We pride our selves on our excellent customer service and attention to getting your order right first time. With monthly and weekly discounted wholesale food and drink offers we’ll keep you informed on latest trends, latest offers and latest news from our supply stores. If you’re happy – were happy. Eurofoods’ Asian and traditional food supply ranges from everyday eggs, to something a little more exquisite. Remember Eurofoods were first to introduce the frozen skinless chicken fillet, making life a little easier for the chef. In the future we’ll be delivering and focusing on more exciting, innovative food items, so stay one step ahead with us. It’s often said that a clean restaurant is a happy restaurant and we can bring you all you cleaning supplies along with your food order. Our packing department make sure that all items are well packaged – ruling out the risk of damage along the way. All your food and cleaning essentials are individually packaged so there’s no risk of any of the food products being harmed by the cleaning products. Our fleet of refrigerated vans and trucks bring your fresh produce to you as if they’ve just been taken from your own cold store. In addition we have on site vehicle maintenance garage – so you won’t hear the old excuse that one of our trucks has broken down! We can cater for any sized business and that’s why we have had the privilege of supplying companies like Tesco, Iceland and Asda. We treat every customer the same, no matter how large or how small their business size, so you can always be assured of a first class service – with a smile. Our food service includes our regular brands as well as our very own brands such as Rohim, Cha Cha Chef, Crown Farms and more. Our stores are always well stocked and our stock system can keep you informed of what we have, what we haven’t, when we can get it and when it will get to you. If you have any special requirements or products you would like us to source, we’d love to hear from you. We all realize that the food service industry can be very testing at times, meals can become a disaster in seconds, stocks can run low, accidents can happen – so we’re here to make it a bit smoother, knowing we’ll be rushing around making your delivery perfect on quality, perfect on time, and perfect on price.

In short when considering a company to provide a food service, maybe these questions will help:

1) Can they supply a restaurant with everything they need?

2) Have they a good network of vehicles?

3) Do they have quality foods?

4) Have they a wide choice of food and drink?

5) Are they able to deliver next day?

6) Are their vehicles refrigerated?

7) Do they have various payment options

8)  Will they create new and exciting products?

9) Is ordering easy and uncomplicated?

10) Are they competitive in their pricing?

If the answer to all these is yes – then you’re probably using Eurofoods.  If you’re not then contact us and see how we can provide and help you too.