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This week there has been a lot of talk in the press surrounding the increased popularity of hot curries.

The poll conducted by Chaat! The in house magazine for the British Curry Club, found that from the 1058 people that took part a staggering 21% voted for Jalfrezi as the curry of their choice.

In light of this we took to the streets of Newport to do a bit of our own research.

We interviewed 100 people and this is what some of them had to say.

“The hotter the better I say, nothing like a Vindaloo” John 45 Newport

“I eat out a lot, korma is one of my favorite foods, I’m not a big fan of the hotter dishes” Kate 22 Newport

“Jalfrezi is my favorite, very rich in taste” Dean 30 Newport

The results showed that Vindaloo was the people of Newport’s favorite dish, with a staggering 40% voting it their favorite curry.

40% – preferred Vindaloo
30% – preferred Jalfrezi
19% – preferred Masala
11% – preferred Korma

Jalfrezi came in a close second, while Masala and Korma were left trailing behind.

The results from Chaat! and our survey do seem to indicate that peoples tastes are changing and restaurants are sure to see an increase in demand for hotter curries.