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From all over the world, we bring top quality, great tasting products to our customers. That has always been our ultimate goal.

We have spent over twenty years refining and sourcing paramount Asian produce, to fulfill the desires of our customers. We champion fresh food and in the continuing dedication to provide for the UK market, we are endlessly expanding our repertoire. Euro Foods strives to be an international leader in the manufacture and distribution of fresh and frozen foods.

Our brands have developed as our company has grown, with various ranges fronting our products. Crown Farms, Rohim, Masala, Zoy and Cha Cha Chef represent not only our commitment to high quality goods, but also our specialist knowledge, experience and dedication to our customers. Rest assured, behind a Euro Foods brand is a product which is carefully selected for its quality

Crown Farms represents our vegetables, seafood, dairy products and Juice drinks.

Masala stands for our ethnic food and holds our spices, pickles, ready meals, snacks, ingredients and Indian food products.

Zoy refers to our products aimed at the Chinese market and includes Chinese, Oriental, Mandarin and Cantonese produce.

Al – Rohim represents all our meat and halal products.

Cha Cha Chef stands for high quality kitchen wares and non food products.

Within these brands are Finest, Crown Farms Basic and Essential ranges, designed to accommodate for your budget.

With a strong presence in the fish, sea foods, meat, poultry, dry goods, snacks, desserts, chilled foods and dry goods market, each brand is an anchor of the industry. They are widely used at home, in restaurants and sold in supermarkets, recognised as one of the best.

We endeavor to make our brands representative of our dedication to fresh and excellent quality produce, to reflect our history and business practice and most importantly, to give our customers the products they need, at the high standard they expect. All brands can be purchased through the ethnic and Asian food retailer Masala Bazaar stores or wholesale food and beverages from Eurofoods