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Our suppliers all adhere to national and in-house guidelines

Our suppliers all adhere to official and in-house guidelines

We are often asked by our customers how we regulate our suppliers and what standards we apply to.  We hope this blog will answer a few questions…

Food safety control and labelling systems are challenging. Euro Foods imports many food stuffs into the UK and as such, we carry full liability for food safety, quality and labelling. All our suppliers comply with our high standards and controls, to ensure we fulfil these regulations correctly.

We hope to ensure all our suppliers to have BRC as a minimum standard. When products arrive at our depots, we have in-house standards that make sure products make the grade.

For every product we sell, we must have a product specification. All our suppliers have access to a technical portal, where product information is constantly available to view and review. The product specification provides a contract between us and our suppliers, confirming exactly what is being made and what we are buying.

We have a product testing programme to check against the recorded specifications, confirming the validity of the labelling and packaging. A sample will be checked against the specification for each delivery we receive. We cook up the foods too, just to make sure they taste good!

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the food authorities in the UK are happy with the foods we import. By keeping control of our supply chain, we ensure only the best quality produce reaches our customers. We aim to provide the best wholesale fish and wholesale seafood across the UK with your help.