In the future, to give our customers a better experience, we will focus on three key directions; EFG Food Service, EFG Wholesale and Masala Bazaar.

  1. EFG Food Service caters for the restaurant trade. We ensure all restaurants have the option to use excellent quality, fresh and exotic foods at reasonable prices.
  2. EFG Wholesale focuses on supermarkets and shops. We ensure that our prices and products are of the highest standard and offer great value.
  3. Masala Bazaar caters for the supermarket shopper. We ensure there are a wide variety of high quality goods ready to pick up in store.

Our approach, in each avenue, is to meet the needs of customers with intelligence and dedication, fulfilling our commitment to source a wide range of foods for the UK.  

EFG Food Service, Wholesale and Masala Bazaar all fall under the Euro Foods Group umbrella and hold the same values; to bring top quality, great tasting products to our customers.