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Whole and Ground Spices, full of essential oils and vitamins

Whole and Ground Spices, full of essential oils and vitamins

Having a healthy relationship with food is imperative and it is a prominent issue for the British population.

What has prompted such concern? Visual warnings are everywhere. Over indulged horrors are paraded before a gawking audience in ‘Supersize Me,’ style endeavors, advertising, doctor’ surgeries, high profiles diets and many more elements are teaching us to strictly watch what we eat.

Yesterday, statistics were published revealing that “Shoppers are responding well to powerful promotions and we are seeing 40% of all sales now on promotion – an all time high.[1]” While two packets of biscuits for fifty pence may at one time have launched us full pelt down the supermarket isles, throwing as many packets into the trolley as possible (“I won’t need to buy any for weeks now!” Yes, we’ve all been there.) Despite feeling the economic pinch, shoppers are now turning the packet over to the nutritional information. Good show, shoppers.

Supermarkets are putting promotions on healthier options too, prompting our healthier lifestyles through saving us money. The BOGOF boom, although unsustainable when Britain eventually escapes debt, is not such a bad thing after all.

As a foods provider, we are very aware of our responsibility to encourage healthy eating amongst our customers and give we always try to give excellent prices for exotic and wholesome stock.

For the inquisitive and savvy shopper in you, here is an expansion of Macher Jhol– a traditional Bengali recipe discussed in the previous blog post. It is packed with spices, vegetables and fish and is a perfect example of simple, but exciting Bengali cooking techniques. Beside each ingredient is the reason why it will benefit your body and enrich your healthy eating palette.

White Fish: Low in fats
White Fish: Low in fats

White Fish: John Dorian/Basa/Silver Pomfret – It is a commonly known fact that non oily fish are low in fat; they spend their lives swimming and developing muscle. Fish is rich in protein, B vitamins (great for healthy skin) and is a good source of iodine. [2]

Moong Dal: Perfect for reducing high cholesterol as it has a very high fiber and protein content. Again, the bean has a very low fat content. They are packed with complex carbs which help control the body blood sugar. Heart health is a product of moong dal consumption, full of anti oxidant properties like folic acid and magnesium.[3]

Tumeric: This ground spice can improve the condition of the liver and is helps with digestive problems, breaking down fats and carbs. It can also break down or prevent clots, improving the condition of the blood and circulation. Tumeric is linked with the cure and prevention of many diseases and is a happy and healthy contribution to the spice rack. [4]
Cumin: Unusually cumin has been used for as a cure of insomnia; with a strong B complex and evidence of digestive aid, cumin is the perfect natural concoction to send you off to sleep. Cumin is full of Vitamin E, essential oils, Vitamin C and calcium.[5]
Coriander: High in essential oils, natural acids, coriander aids digestion and is good for your eyes. It is high in Phosphorus, Vitamin A and Vitamin B.[6]

Ginger: Ginger is well-known aid in the fight against cold and flu; it contains two natural antibiotics, is high in potassium, silicon, manganese, calcium and vitamin A, B, C and E.[7]

Chilli: Doing more than spicing up a dish, chilli has more vitamin C than an orange and with regular consumption, chilli will regulate insulin levels in the body. [8]

Investing in beneficial foods will not only broaden your culinary horizons, but improve your well-being. Euro Foods and Masala Bazaar endeavor to bring quality and wholesome products to our customers attention. The style of Bengali cooking is elementary to freshness; we hope to present you with inspirational ingredients that not only look good, but make you feel good too.

If you are interested in any of the ingredients listed above, call our sales team on 01633 636 000.

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