Euro Foods supports the National Blind Children’s Society in its endeavor to provide a brighter future for children who are visually impaired. We were a little worried however, when they told us a White Tiger would be keeping a watchful eye over our reception area.

Lucky for us, he’s actually rather cuddly.

For £1 per person, Euro Foods’ employees have been guessing this spectacled White Tiger’s nationality. Everyone knows the obvious answer, (Siberia,) but with Tari already snapping up that slot, everyone has been speculating about zoos, transportation and other situations that would see the Tiger in Bangladesh, Kuala Lampur and China! Once all the slots are filled, there are still 40 to choose from, the person who correctly guesses can take this cuddly creature home. If everyone picks a slot, we will raise £50 for this very deserving cause.

Guess Where I Come From?

Guess Where I Come From?

The money raised from each guess, helps the National Blind Children’s Society provide;

-Funding for recreational activities and equipment

-Computers and IT equipment for home use.

-Activity holidays and respite care

-Large print books for home and school 

-Professional advice and liaison with LEAs and other relevant organizations.

 If you would like to help blind children achieve their dreams and goals, please visit www.nbcs.org.uk