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As you may or may not have noticed, Euro Foods has been busily posting to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many other social networking sites over the past three months. Its probationary period is up and the time seems right, to get some feedback. 

The polls below will be used to help us improve our blog and interactive sites. Most importantly, we will use the results to make it a better experience for you. All the information given will remain anonymous and once a vote is cast, the results can be seen. There is a form at the end of this entry if you would like to give more specific feedback.

Answer these questions after finding and experiencing Euro Foods’ service on any of our Social sites. Search ‘Euro Foods’ on Facebook and Linkedin, @eurofoods on Twitter, or just read our blog!

The polls will be available until 8th April, at which time the data will be removed from the blog. A full report will be available the following week.

Facebook and Twitter

The Blog


If you would like to elaborate on your feedback, please fill in the form below.