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Cabbage Bhaji

Cabbage Bhaji

Cabbage might not seem like the most exciting ingredient when talking about a bhaji, but in our recipe, it becomes a fritter packed with exotic spices and treats!

The dish requires a full spice rack and upon tasting, reveals sensations beyond the visual. Prepare to break the barriers of watery cabbage!  For a British/Bengali fusion, add shreds of potato and you have created a firey bubble and squeak! All the ingredients you desire, can be found at your local Masala Bazaar store.

Click here ‘Cabbage Bhaji Gram Flour‘ for a traditional bhaji recipe, straight from Bangladeshi cooks. This is the final in our series of traditional Bengali recipes, before Bangladesh Independence Day 26th March.

Use Authentic Bengali Ingredients from Masala Bazaar

Use Authentic Bengali Ingredients from Masala Bazaar

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