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Pumpkins are good for eating, as well as carving. They sometimes get a bad press for being bitter, but cooked with the right delicacy and skill, the pumpkin can have an unusual and exciting flavor.

The proud, round pumpkin could be compared to the sweet potato in its bright orange glow and ability to bring a rich and starchy sweetness to foods. The Pumpkin, king of the veg patch, brings intrigue to a dish and when allowed to soften under heat, it infuses fellow ingredients with a rooty flavoring. We have a special and traditional pumpkin recipe from our archives, ready for a Bangladesh Independence Day feast on 26th March.

The pumpkin recipe uses spice and chilli to set off the candied taste, as well as cushioning the sweet and spicy with a warming ginger pang. Allow the pumpkin to disintegrate while on the heat; the chunky pumpkin form and rough texture will soften, allowing the sweet flavors to escape. The recipe suggests serving with plain paratha, but mixing through with plump risotto would compliment the pumpkin bhaji perfectly.

You can download a PDF of this recipe card, by clicking here:  Pumpkin Bhaji