One of Euro Foods World Wide Sites

One of Euro Foods World Wide Sites, Khulna

Euro Foods Group had very humble beginnings. The business flourished from the ambition of one, determined and very economically wise young man. Over twenty years we have steadily grown into a multi-national corporate and have spread our wings around the world.
Shelim Hussain Pitches in at the Khulna Factory
Shelim Hussain Pitches in the Khulna Factory


The ‘multi national’ aspect allows us to supply the UK and Asian retailers, with curious and delicious foods that enrich the culinary imagination and ring with nostalgia of exotic cultures. It is of great importance to our brand identity, making us synonamous with Asian foods.

To achieve our goals, it is imperative that Euro Foods has bases all over the world to find the best produce available.

We have three factories in Bangladesh; Eurasia in Dhaka, Saidowla Enterprise in Sylhet and Rosemco Foods in Khulna. There are another two on the way. From these factories, we farm fresh prawns and fish from natural lakes. There are also bases in China, Australia and all across Europe.

Our catalogue reflects the range of foods sourced from our worldwide community. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer multiple choices at reasonable prices. The importance of having workplaces outside of the UK extends beyond sourcing ingredients and fresh foods, however.

Standing Tall at Leafy Saidowla

Leafy Saidowla

Euro Foods has a continuing commitment to the communities of Bangladesh. Creating job opportunities in areas that need them the most, is high on our priority list. Employees at Euro Foods are encouraged to develop a career within the company and are given training and tools, to do their job successfully. Education is tremendously important to propel any development, so we start early and give yearly school placements for local children. With regular visits to our factories, we can not only bring back fantastic photographs (such as the ones in this entry,) but see the areas that need immediate improvement. We endeavor to build any facilities which will improve daily life, such as schools and hospitals.

It is essential that all our workplaces are efficient and well cared for, to ensure we fulfill our mission to supply the UK with good quality and inspiring Asian cuisine.