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Silver Pomfret are a breed of gorgeous white, diamond-shaped fish. They are a beautiful variety, set apart by their accentuated shape and forked tails. For kitchen connoisseurs, they are a delectable, protein packed and affordable fish.

The public have been urged (in various media avenues) to make use of fish other than cod; The Silver Pomfret would be a sensible alternative. Like cod, the Silver Pomfret hungrily absorbs all spices and flavorings added to the pan and is a perfect candidate for a rich and saucy marinade. The recipe below, is fit to burst with wholesome, rounded and exotic ingredients which electrify bring the calm and flaky fish, to life.

There is a skill in serving; the fish will need to delicately have the bones removed. A light hand is required as the fish is fairly dainty and even more fragile after cooking. To retain the shape, but to serve while still hot is an artistry that comes with perseverance and concentrated practise.  For those who enjoy showmanship in their cooking, de-boning at the table will not fail to impress.

This Silver Pomfret recipe is taken from our cookery archive and is a traditional, simple Bengali recipe. We have posted it in ode to Bangladesh Independence Day on 26th March. Enjoy!