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What's that coming over the hill...?

What's that coming over the hill...?


Mania and silliness overcomes folk up and down the country on 18th March and its all for a fantastic cause. Red Nose Day raises money for the neediest causes in the UK and around the world, calling upon the Great British Public to support the gargantuan effort…

Silliness is infamously associated with us Brits, so why not roll with it?

Euro Foods embraced the occasion and as a team, we felt determined to raise as much money as possible, whilst having the most fun. It was decided that Wednesday 16th March would be pajama day. To accompany the bed-togs, a generous hoard of monster red noses and deeley boppers were ordered by our managing director Shelim, so we could all look the red-nose part.

Red noses, Deeley Boppers and PJs

Red noses, Deeley Boppers and PJs

Members of staff came into work on Wednesday dressed in cwtch worthy, comfy clobber, donating what they could to Comic Relief. With slippers, wigs, silly hair, fluffy jumpers and there was even talk of a even a mankini making a debut appearance at EuroFoods HQ, it was a successfully silly (and a slightly strange) occasion.

The rolling total is £136.20 and we hope to have raised much more by the end of the week! A huge ‘thank-you’ to everyone who donated so generously and prepared their costume with such thorough dedication.

A donation to Red Nose Day will help those in urban slums, with malaria and the visually impaired. It aims to improve education and hopes to better deprived situations in the UK, among many, many others. Tune into Comic Relief at 7pm tonight for more fun, frolics and information about who your donations help.

************************ UPDATE ****************************

 We have also baked cakes and done champagne raffles to achieve a final total of £190.36! Well done and Thank you to everyone at Eurofoods who contributed.


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