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Its St. Patrick’s Day and we’ve gone all green…

Green Basa Curry, has the hot, sweet quality that is elementary to a green curry recipe. The Basa fish is very similar to cod and can be treated with the same flexibility in cooking.

Laced with intricate and balmy flavors, the white fish is creamy in taste and texture.  Basa Green Curry is an ideal spring meal and with the first day of spring only a matter of days away, it is the right time to indulge in our Bengali speciality.

Once cooked, the sauce is frothy with spiciness, refreshing in its sizzle and the coconut milk give the sauce a sweet spring that counterbalances the spice. The onions and vegetables in the sauce are bright and zippy, adding new character to the smooth and flaking fish. It is a little heavier than a broth, so it would be suitable as a main course. For an extra burst of juicy flavor, consider tossing in a few fresh garden peas, right at the last second. You won’t be disappointed.

The recipe card below is an example of our archived, traditional Bengali recipes. Experiment with a new and exotic cuisine by following our traditional Bengali recipe guides, every day in the lead up to Bangladesh Independence Day on 26th March. In the mean time, have a fun St. Patrick’s Day from all at Euro Foods!