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Roast Chicken on a bed of Mixed Vegetables, stuffed with Critrus Fruit and Herbs
Roast Chicken on a bed of Mixed Vegetables, stuffed with Critrus Fruit and Herbs

Home is where the heart is! There is no denying it. Why not, in that case, make something traditional and homely, to evoke a romantic nostalgia during your date on Valentines Day? Exploring and experimenting with various recipes over the years, has seen some pure roasting disasters (as well as some triumphs!) However, none have compared to the mastery of Jamie Oliver’s Perfect Roast Chicken. It is our home tradition to use this recipe at Christmas time because it never fails to be delicious, it has evolved somewhat in our hands, but the concept of using fresh chicken, vegetables and an unusual choice of stuffing is the same . The original recipe can be found by clinking the link above.

 Roast Chicken and Chunky Garden Veg

Infused with Spice and Critrus
Infused with Spice and Critrus

To achieve this roasted marvel, you will need:

Ingredients Equipment
Carrots Roasting Pan
*A Whole Chicken Baster/Spoon
*Fresh Mint Knife and Chopping Board
*Fresh Coriander Peeler
*Fresh Basil Gravy Boast
*Paprika Carvers knife
*Giant Onions
*Fresh Garlic
Fresh Leeks
Fresh Celery*1 Orange
*1 Lemon
*1 Chilli
*Purchased at Masala Bazaar

Preheat the oven to 250º

Prepare the roasting dish by covering with Olive Oil, salt and pepper.

Peel all the vegetables. Chop all, except the potatoes into hearty portions and lay in the base of the roasting dish. Add several whole cloves of garlic sporadically to the dish. Push the veg around in the olive oil to absorb the seasoning.

Take coriander, garlic, chilli, ginger and basil and crush into a puree using a pestle and mortar. Add lashings of olive oil to make the mixture pourable.

Using a spoon or stiff brush, cover the chicken in the marinade, ensuring the whole chicken is covered.

Make two large bunches of coriander and basil and bind together using a clean elastic band or piece of string.

Take the orange and lemon and using a sharp knife, make wholes over the whole surface. Add each to the microwave for 30 seconds, or until you here the fruit hissing. Remove from microwave. Wrap the prepared bunches of herbs around the orange and lemon, before stuffing the chicken with the warmed fruit.

Lay the chicken in the roasting dish, being sure to elevate the chicken off the metal using the root veg as a support.

Put the roasting dish in the oven and turn the heat down to 200º and leave to roast for an 1hour 20mins.

To prepare the roast potatoes, boil a full kettle of water and add to pan containing a good sprinkling of salt and pepper. When boiling, add large chunks of potato.

While the potato boils, in a mixing bowl add olive oil, a small amount of butter and a pinch of paprika. Warm a spoon and then mix until the butter has melted and the ingredients have blended.

Baste the chicken with excess cooking juices half way through the process.

The potatoes are ready to be drained when the exteriors appear light and fluffy. They will be easily dented when stirred. Drain the excess water and sieve vigorously to create a rough and texture layer to the potato. Then immediately apply potatoes to the blend in the mixing bowl and stir until covered. Add to the oven 45-50minutes before the chicken is due to leave the oven, to ensure crispiness.

After cooking time remove the chicken and crave. To make the gravy, tip all juices into one end of the pan and slowly add heaps of flour and whisk. Add to the gravy boat for pouring.

Tried and Tested?

  • Rustic, homely and traditional; a roast dinner is classic form of romance.
  • Carve at the table to impress guests.
  • The gravy will be an infusion of all the chopped vegetables and chicken stock; it will compliment the meal perfectly.
  • Ensure to remove the chicken from the oven in good time to avoid dryness.
  • If you like the potatoes extra crispy make sure to put them in the oven for a little bit longer.

The rustic quality of a chicken roast, certainly comes from the spices, stuffing and presentation. With the marinade gently infusing the skin as it cooks and the oranges and lemon filling the inside with citric juices, it can’t fail to showcase a variety of taste. It looks so appetizing having all the vegetables gathered around the chicken; The onions will go a crispy brown on the outside, but reveal soft, slow cooked layers as you peel them back; the scattered garlic cloves, will fill your kitchen with familiar, rich smells and the carrots will be fluffy and sweet.

Serve with a crisp chardonnay, or real ale.