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Ginger Chocolate Fondant, sprinkled with Icing Sugar, Rasberries and a sprig of Mint
Ginger Chocolate Fondant, sprinkled with Icing Sugar, Rasberries and a sprig of Mint

Are you back for seconds?

Monday was fish course day and never to be dull or predictable, Tuesday will now officially be known as, ‘Pudding day.’

Our second recipe in the ‘Valentines: Tried and Tested,’ series, is a sumptuous, Ginger and Dark Chocolate Fondant. Lavish, thick, creamy and not too heavy, it’s a guaranteed respect earner. Again, this is a dish that can look clean and contemporary with the right presentation, but is notably complex in execution and taste.

The original recipe is taken from the Good Food Channel, but we have been inventive and added a few twists to make it our own. Careful with your choice of ramekins, this is easily a ‘death by chocolate’ scenario if they are too big!

 Ginger and Dark Chocolate Fondant

Sprinkled with Icing Sugar and Rasberries

The fondant should rise nicely, cooking on the outside and remain gooey in the middle

The fondant should rise nicely, cooking on the outside and remain gooey in the middle


Your essential ingredient and equipment list for a flawless fondant are as follows;

Ingredients Equipment
*125g salted butter Mixing Bowl
125g of Dark Chocolate 2 Ramekins
2 Whole Eggs Pan
2 Egg Yolks Glass Bowl
*65g Brown Sugar Oven Proof Dish
*90g Self Raising Flour Whisk
*10g Ginger Pestle and Mortar
Plenty of Rasberries
Purchased at Masala Bazaar
Preheat the oven to 200ºC

Grease the ramekins with the butter and then sprinkle with flour.

Finely chop the ginger, take the chunks and ground using a pestle and mortar.

Break the chocolate into equal chunks and put into a glass bowl. Fill a pan with boiling water and simmer on the hob.

Place the glass bowl, filled with chocolate, into the water and gently stir until melted. Be sure not to boil the water, otherwise the chocolate will burn.

Tip the eggs, egg yolks and sugar into a large mixing bowl and whisk until light and fluffy, usually taking around 5 minutes.

Mix the melted chocolate into the mix of eggs and sugar and continue to fold.

Melt the butter and fold into the blend in the mixing bowl and finally add the ginger.

Pour the mixture into the moulds and put into the oven on an oven proof dish.

Allow the fondants to cook and rise for exactly 10minutes then remove from the oven.

Sprinkle with icing sugar, top with a sprig of fresh mint and delicately place a scattering of rasberries, for attention to detail points.

Tried and Tested?

  • Rich, velvety and superbly more-ish, this can’t fail to hit the right note with chocolate lovers. The ginger acts as a fizzling finish and a tingling sensation is left on the tongue. The raspberries cut through the thick chocolate and act as a palette cleanser. These ingredients compliment each other perfectly and are key ingredients in romantic cooking.
  • Although fondants are famously temperamental and complicated, this recipe is extremely simple. The fondants were perfect first time, with no deflations or solid centres. The chefing-skill associated with Chocolate Fondants will not go unnoticed by your guests.
  • Presentation is variable. As seen in the photographs, we chose to leave the fondants in the ramekins and decorate in a minimal style. To remove the fondant from the ramekin, simply slide a knife around the edge of the dish and tip onto a plate.
  • These chocolate fondants were delicious, but watch the portion size! The recipe is very rich and the fondant pictured was enough for two. Pick reasonably sized ramekins, but try not to be offended if your guest can’t finish it all!

Serve with a full bodied Rioja and the option of sparkling water. A Rioja wine which indicates an aroma of red berries and bright red colouring will perfectly accompany this chocolatey treat.