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Sprouting Ginger Roots

Sprouting Ginger Roots

The Richmond Road branch of Masala Bazaar in Cardiff left one lasting impression; the fresh and vibrant vegetables that lined the central isle. From obscurely sprouting ginger roots, to fluffy exotic coconuts and the humble garden onion, the produce felt thoroughly rustic and home grown. With produce sourced from UK farms and abroad, there is a nice balance of the usual and intriguing. It was hard not to speculate about future meal times, while comfortably browsing the tactile and sizeable varieties of veg.

With all this on offer, why not speculate about new and interesting foods? EuroFoods supplies many varieties of stock to restaurants and businesses, but the purpose of Masala Bazaar is to bring that quality of produce and spice of life, to the ordinary kitchen table. Imagine if you could bring those delicious meals from your favourite restaurant, into your own home. Not one to shy away from a challenge, it seemed like a good time to broaden my culinary horizons and zap something exciting into my run-of-the-mill, after-work dinners.

As I explore the produce on offer in Masala Bazaar, I shall recommend recipes, techniques and food combinations to make your taste buds tingle and challenge you too, to grasp those utensils and get creative.

If you have created something really exciting from the produce in Masala Bazaar, we would love to hear from you! Any contribution, including photographs or recipes will be featured on our blog, in a ‘Chef of the Moment’ article. Get in touch via email, social@eurofoods.co.uk and we will contact you to hear your ideas and talk about your experiences.

Lets get cooking!

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