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EuroFoods is having a bit of an online overhaul. Over the past few weeks, the team having been having meetings with website developers, discussing page layouts, writing company blurbs, re-arranging menus, adding buttons and trying to figure out how customers and businesses will shop with us in the future.

Images seem to be the key to a smooth, online shopping experience. Through including lots of images of our produce, we want to visually excite our consumers and show them our varied range of products. Images are obviously essential to customers too, as they communicate product information beyond the written description.

This week, I dove head-first into just over six hundred images (and there are another five hundred on the way!) Checking images against product codes, approving, rejecting and making notes for editing and updates have been the daily norm.

With five main catagories; ‘Meat and Poultry,’ ‘Fish and Seafood,’ ‘Vegetables,’ ‘Dry Goods’ and ‘Non Food’ and many subcategories within those parameters, this was no small job. Better get to work;

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Selection Process

The first three images in our gallery, the quail, whole and fillets of chicken, are APPROVED. All of these images, although very different, were approved on the basis that they met a strict criteria;

1) The photo must be a good quality image.

2) The information printed on the product must be up to date.

3)The product information must match the catalogue description.

Without these three elements a photo must either be rejected and retaken, or edited.

The Seafood section, with over two hundred products, has undoubtably been the most challenging to organise. In the gallery above, there are three fish products that are near identical. To eyes un-familiar with the products, these can be quite difficult to distinguish. Although all fresh water fish from Bangladesh, they are three different breeds; aside from their names printed on the bottom left of packets, the packaging is identical. Within the accompanying description, the difference is explained clearly. Making sure all products correspond with our written descriptions and product codes is essential to ensure customers receive the correct order and also realise what they are buying.

It is imperative that we give our customers a clear and detailed visual description of that they are buying, to assure them of the quality and time EuroFoods invests in manufacture and design.

After editing and refining, all the images will appear on our much-anticipated website and in our brand new glossy catalogue. This document, which is still in the assembly process, will be available at the end of February for new and old customers alike, giving an up to date glossary of everything EuroFoods has to offer restaurants, Grocers and business owners.

All product photographs were taken by Shahab Ahmed.