Settling into the atmosphere of your favourite Asian-style restaurant is the easiest task you may ever set yourself;

Stepping in from a chilly January evening, a hurricane of warm air and exotic smells tickle over your skin in a flurry, as you are ushered to a table and are quickly presented a glass of wine. With the lights dipped and music flittering in-between the sound of sizzling service, scanning the menu feels only natural. Assured that eating out was the right decision this evening, the choice is delectable and exciting; thick, steaming sauces, spicy meats, unusual spices, fresh seafood and radiant vegetables beam out in an array of  curious dish selections and its easy to remember why you love eating here- the quality is second to none.

As a diner in this situation, thinking about the next step and propelling the meal forwards, is a good technique: “Where shall we go…? What shall I order…? What side dish do I want…? What drink would I like…?” How often, however, have you been at a table in a restaurant, or at home, staring down at a visually engaging, aromatic, delicious meal and thought “Where has this dish come from?” Welcome to the EuroFoods blog.

This will be a small window into our world; what we do as a supplier and manufacturer, our employees, clients, technology, history and products will be just some of the delights to feast your eyes on over the coming months.

With bases in the form of super markets, offices and warehouses all over the UK and excitingly, a production base in the Kulna region of Bangladesh, our objective is to build a network between all of our branches and give you inside access into how we produce and deliver excellent goods, up and down the country (perhaps revealing some ‘at home’ tips to achieve the same foodie-glory!)

When settling into your favourite Asian-style dish, there should be more to chew on than the food.