Euro Foods, in one pioneering leap, has embarked on an online expedition to explore all manner of exciting possibilities in the virtual realm.

In the weeks that follow this initial toe-dip into the vast electronic ocean, our empire will begin to formulate and assemble on your screen. As well as the imminent, exciting launch of our new-look website, there will also be avenues into the ticking-clock, behind our corporate body.

Our main website, will give you the option to discover our products and prices. It will be more interactive and informative than ever before; everything you need to know about us, the industry and our products will be instantly at your finger tips.

Behind the new website is a business with 20 years experience and of course, a hard working and busy team – the ticking-clock. Under the cover of a Euro Foods frontage, in Newport, London, Sunderland and Bangladesh, or behind the Masala Bazaar sliding-super-market doors in Bristol, Swansea, Cardiff and Newport, is an un-dampening hive of activity that is about to be revealed to the world.

As if a new employee, you are invited to see exactly how our operation works. Through a new log we will profile our employees and clients, explore our technology and factories, visit events and shows, travel in the lorries and perhaps most excitingly, reveal delicious recipes and our favourite places to eat. We will also be following industry trends and news, so expect lively discussion and exciting new ideas to flow through onto our facebook page!

You can keep abreast off all these events, new posts, corporate news and general Eurofoods trivia through our Facebook group, or by following us on twitter at